Saving Money, Lowering Risk and Improving Service with Cloud-Based ERP

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Working via web-based applications has moved past normal and is now expected, and even demanded. Cloud-based systems, including ERP, are tested and live across the economy. Those using them are saving money, improving service and reducing risk.

There are many critical areas that need civic focus, but running a data center is rarely one of them. The implication for small cities and districts is clear. Moving to cloud-based ERP provides staff with more time to do the work they want to do, while meeting the rising expectations of the citizenry.

Download this issue brief to learn how cloud-based ERP can help small cities and districts:

  • Focus on the projects that directly support the needs of citizens — not on managing infrastructure
  • Lower IT spend and make it more predictable
  • Eliminate the need to upgrade software
  • Reduce risk by providing a built-in disaster recovery program