Improving Citizen Trust in Local Government
How online tools spur communication, improve transparency and boost accountability

Many local communities are working to build positive brands that attract new businesses and residents through a strategy based on trust.

Legislative meetings have traditionally provided an important opportunity to build that trust, but it’s challenging to get the word out to the community — especially if agencies rely on getting busy citizens and businesses to attend government meetings in person.

Manual processes make it hard and expensive to communicate with citizens. Agency staff may spend hours preparing agendas, minutes and supporting documents. After a meeting, they spend more time — and money — fielding requests for those documents and then making copies, collating and distributing them.

Download this two-page Issue Brief to learn how to:

  • Increase transparency and trust in your legislative process
  • Reach today’s connected citizens to keep them informed
  • Streamline the meeting management process, allowing employees to create and manage legislative information digitally
  • Easily capture meeting minutes and index them with associated video streaming