Flooded with Stormwater Assets:
How One Local Government Took Back Control
of an Aging Infrastructure

Managing aging infrastructure assets requires a constant balancing act between prioritizing preventive maintenance efforts, scheduling urgently needed repairs and planning new investments. For Fort Worth, Texas, that meant finding a better way to track and maintain over 135,000 stormwater assets, and manage an estimated backlog of $1 billion in capital and maintenance drainage projects.

By integrating GIS and asset management, the City was able to reduce paperwork by 90%, save three to six months of temporary work each year and increase staff productivity by one hour each day.

The discussion covers how Fort Worth can now:

  • Track work against actual assets vs. an address
  • Better plan work schedules and easily respond to citizen calls
  • Select assets, create work orders and distribute work based on geographic locations
  • Access work orders and maps from the field
  • Improve costing by better identifying the amount, type and location of work and appreciate assets over time


Bill Ryan

Bill Ryan
Senior Fellow
Center for Digital Government


Elizabeth Young

Elizabeth Young
IT Programmer/ Analyst, GISP
Transportation & Public Works
Stormwater Management Group
Fort Worth, Texas

Christa Campbell

Christa Campbell
Industry Solutions
Specialist Water/Wastewater

Chuck Spink

Chuck Spink
Principal Product Manager

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