We’re harnessing the power of information to help rebuild our cities.

Underutilized spaces-such as empty storefronts, abandoned homes, or vacant lots-are an unfortunate reality in every city. With the right tools and strategies in place, however, you can harness the energy and creativity of motivated citizens and local organizations to help your agency reclaim the lost value of these underused spaces more quickly and effectively.

In this 30-minute educational webinar, leading civic technologists will demonstrate how Civic Insight-a new, citizen-facing web app now available to Accela users can help your agency improve communication with your citizens, achieve greater internal efficiency, and engage local businesses and non-profits to play a more strategic role in the growth and improvement of your city.

Featured Speaker: Alex Pandel, Co-Founder of Civic Insight

In just 30 minutes, you'll learn:

  • Why local organizations and businesses need access to simple, accurate information about properties in their community, and how existing transparency tools aren't cutting it.

  • How to streamline communication channels with your citizens to lighten the load on your agency staff as well as boost citizen satisfaction.

  • How Civic Insight allows you to achieve these outcomes without imposing any change in workflow or additional tasks upon your staff.

  • How to integrate Civic Insight with your Accela solution.

Webinar - Build Thriving Communities with Civic Insight and Accela

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