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Cities and counties big and small throughout the Unites States are automating civic functions like planning, permitting, inspection, and code enforcement. By making it easier for developers, builders and contractors to do business, these communities are expediting the building permit application process, reducing time to Certificate of Occupancy and ultimately increasing revenue.

Listen to this panel-style webinar to hear first-hand how a few smaller communities have streamlined manual processes and are working more effectively with builders and developers in their own hometowns.

Featured Speakers 

Alan Holt, Data Services Manager 

Kenneth Jay, Engineering Supervisor   
Framingham, Massachusetts  
Elk Grove Village,  Illinois
Population: 68,318  
Population: 33,350

Learn how

  • Framingham, Massachusetts, automated inspections to result in 30-60 more minutes in the field every day and integrated into the City's website to become one of the top pages for citizens and businesses. 

  • Elk Grove Village, Illinois, shortened the entire process by empowering clerks and inspectors with real-time permitting data and moved 10 percent of its permit applications online.

What do these communities have in common?
They use technology to communicate, plan, process and deliver key information either within or between departments as well as directly to citizens. This easy flow of information provides faster results to builders, developers and other business professionals.

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Webinar - Automate It and They Will Come: Grow and Develop Your Community with Proven Technology